Davide Bianca

Italian award-winning creative director, writer and content creator.

For over ten years Davide has been involved in the entertainment industry helping film and videogame studios bring their properties to international audiences. Davide has worked on complex and extensive Hollywood theatrical and TV marketing launches, working on properties such as “X-Men”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Saw” and “Spider-Man”, art directing and executing original and ambitious global campaigns, delivering to clients such as Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox consistent performance across the board, and establishing a dialogue with the fanbase; a success deriving from a deep understanding of human online-to-offline interaction?and expectations.

Davide has also been actively involved in the gaming industry, helping studios like Namco-Bandai, Square Enix, Konami and Sony Online Entertainment create original content and consolidate existing IPs, bringing to the table expertise ranging from scripting to pre-production (character design, concept art & previz ) to cinematic direction, all the way to launch & activation strategy, working on successful properties such as “Gears Of War”, “Final Fantasy” and “Everquest” just to name a few.

Davide’s body of work also includes directing TV and online commercials for Perfetti Van Melle, Gucci, and Coca Cola, as well as print campaigns for Lexus, Toyota, and BMW.

Davide’s background in Computer Science & Engineering provides him with a deep understanding of the technological infrastructure and framework of VR/AR, which combined with his experience in the mobile and videogame industries and his passion for immersive narrative has led the two to firmly believe in VR/AR as the most revolutionary medium since the dawn of television.

Strengths: Cinematic storytelling, narrative-driven experiences, character design & look development, concept art & key art, 3D/CG, gaming, cinematic advertising, theatrical marketing, VR/AR experiences, Innovation.